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Did you know that 42% of websites are made with WordPress? This also makes it the most hacked CMS system due to its popularity! – We can help protect yours and your client’s data.


All WordPress websites need security protection. Would you leave yours to chance?

When it comes to website ownership, you must treat security very seriously. A hacker doesn’t care if your website is accessed by one person or 5000 people per day; their goal is to target vulnerable sites that can be readily exploited for their benefit. This could be for financial gain or to raise awareness.



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We run 'ConstantBots' we that moinitor your website 24/7 and alerts us before anyone notices.

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By taking stronger security measures now, you can reduce the likelihood of something like this happening to you, rather than having to pay even more to remove the infection or hacking afterwards.



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Learn the process of web maintenance.

Our WordPress maintenance service is the perfect solution for these businesses that need assistance with their website, but don’t have time or expertise to do so themselves. We take care of everything from updates and security measures all in one package!

Adding 2FA

Adding two-factor authentication reduces the risk of your administrative account been taken over by a hacker. Even if they get the password correct they will require an automatically generated code via your phone or email.


Brute Force Protection

When an attacker is trying to gain access to your login credentials they will usually try the most common usernames first such as admin or administrator. We will automatically block the attacker’s IP permanently.

Running Our Security Scan

Once we know your login area is secure we will run our security scan which includes checking your security headers, PHP Version, Out of date items, Any existing malware & if your theme and WordPress versions can be found.


Changing Database Prefix

By default, your WordPress database prefix is usually wp_prefix. We will change this prefix making it harder for the attacker to guess your prefix.


Changing Admin URL

By default, everyone’s WordPress admin is the following: We will change this URL so only you will know the URL.


Disable XML-RPC

XML-RPC is a feature in WordPress that allows your site to connect to other websites or mobile apps so you can make changes.


Changing File Permissions

File permissions define who can read, write, and execute the file in question. Sometimes these files can have incorrect permissions which allow unauthorised users to access and edit them which could leave your site with malware.


Content Review

We will take a look at your plugins and themes to make sure they are fully updated and automatically update. We will remove any unwanted plugins which will decrease website vulnerability.


Final Hardening

We will make sure the security headers are implemented into your site combating against XSS attacks and more. We will also hide your WordPress and theme versions.



Everything you need to know for website maintenance.

WordPress Maintenance

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You can create your website with a low-cost web hosting package. Whether you’re a small business owner or just starting out, our affordable rates will help make it easy on your budget!

Why do I need a WordPress security service?

Did you know that 42.60% of websites on the internet are made with WordPress? This also makes it the most hacked CMS system due to its popularity!

You might be thinking why should I enhance my WordPress security, I have a small personal website that attackers won’t have any interest in. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, hackers run website crawlers and botnets to find websites that can be easily hacked through vulnerabilities then inject malware even if your website is small. 

Our service is to make sure this minimises the risk of this happening by fixing already known WordPress issues and hardening your security, setting the correct file permissions. Each plugin you install increases the risk of your website being hacked as the plugin itself can have vulnerabilities which is why it is important to do this process sooner rather than later!


2FA is an abbreviation for Two-factor authentication. It is a type of multi-factor authentication that strengthens access security by needing two methods to verify your identity. Usually a username:Password & a device.


A brute force attack uses trial-and-error to guess information its trying to crack. This is usually a login form for a website to gain access to a users account.


Security headers are used by websites to configure security defences in web browsers. An example would be the Content-Security-Policy header as it  helps prevent attacks such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and other malicious code injection.


  1. Content-Security-Policy
  2. X-XSS-Protection
  3. HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  4. X-Frame-Options
  5. Expect-CT
  6. Feature-Policy
  7. X-Content-Type-Options


To fully complete our service we will need to access to your websites cPanel account to make changes to your WordPress file system. We will change your wordpress password when we need to access the dashboard of your website meaning we will never know your password. After our service is complete we will then ask you to change it back.


By having plugins on your website you don’t use, It increases the chance of your site been hacked as each plugin can have the same or a different vulnerability inside.


Depending on the size of your WordPress website our process takes around 1-5 Days to complete as we do it manually.


Before we start our service we backup your entire website incase anything goes wrong. It is very unlikely that your website will break however if the unthinkable was to happen we can restore its last state. 


Migrating from another web host?

Do you already have existing hosting but you would like to move your website to us, speak to us today and we shall take care of the rest.