Speedy, secure, & reliable website migrations.

Let us take care of moving your business website. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process from start to finish ensuring no loss of data or business during the migration. 

We make it super-easy from the beginning!

We make the switch from your current hosting service as smooth and seamless for you as possible. So, if you’re thinking about ditching those old servers or need some fresh speak to us!

Moving to us?

We will happily migrate any website built on WordPress to our servers, for free!

Fast & Free!

Our migrations are completely free, and with most transfers complete within 24 hours!


Learn the process of web migration

We’ve got a team of migration experts ready and waiting. Let us deal with the entire process, ensuring we test and set up everything that is required all of which is done with no downtime. 


Let us know about your website, the challenges you are currently facing and we will make recommendations for migration and let know about the next steps.


Our experts will begin the process, ensuring we cover every aspect to create a simple migration experience. No leaving no-stone is unturned.


At the end of the migration, we will share a link to the test site before deploying. Once signed off, we’ll complete the migration, update the domain and tie up the loose ends.


Everything you need to before migrating!

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You can create your website with a low-cost web hosting package. Whether you’re a small business owner or just starting out, our affordable rates will help make it easy on your budget!

Super Fast Hardware

Seamlessly merging our premium NVME SSD and 'Turbo' Servers, we optimise and streamline our platform to enhance the speed of your website.

UK & Global Connectivity

Situated close to London, we benefit from major connections to the rest of the UK, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world, both directly through London, and indirectly via other major connections.

24/7 Website Monitoring

Our servers are monitored day and night so that if a problem develops it can be resolved quickly. We are notified within a minute of a site failure.

Security, Protection & Firewalls

Our servers are kept up to date and have many layers of security to help in protecting against emerging threats. These include: Hardened PHP Firewalls that block persistent login attempts FTP access protection Regular scans of the hosting space for unusual files and known vulnerabilities SSL certificates.


We’re all about providing the best service and value for web hosting. We offer competitive and affordable packages that will fit any project size from small businesses to large corporations!

More information about website migrations

When you want to make the switch, we are always here for your needs. We will take care of everything and get it done in no time!

Our site migrations usually happen within 24 hours so don’t worry about going offline during this period – though if something doesn’t go as planned or traffic is higher than expected due to technical difficulties, please let us know right away because even one hour can cause a lot of inconveniences when trying not only sell products/services but keep customers coming back again soon after their last purchase too.

We want to make the switch from your current hosting service as smooth and seamless for you as possible. So, if you’re thinking about ditching those old servers or need some fresh ones in order not only to keep up but also grow with online life – speak to us today.

We’re always here for your needs and will happily migrate any website hosted on our servers. Our migrations are completely free of charge, with most transfers transferring within 24 hours! 

We are always here to help and we will happily migrate your website to our servers. Our website migrations are completely free and are usually transferred within 24 hours, leaving your website offline for a short amount of time.

We offer a free website migration to our servers. Your site will be transferred in the next 24 hours with no downtime for you! – There’s no need to wait, a slow or insecure website could be detrimental to your business. 

If you have multiple websites or a more complex setup, please let us know so we can get your site or server set up properly.

Migrating from another web host?

Do you already have existing hosting but you would like to move your website to us, speak to us today and we shall take care of the rest.