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What is shared
website hosting?

Shared website hosting offers a low-cost way to get started with your online presence. It’s the most cost-effective option.

SSD persistent storage

Distributed storage running on SSD disks for optimal speed and a high-level of redundancy.

Ultra-fast network

Host your website with speed and reliability on fast and secure servers with 99.9% uptime!


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Shared Hosting

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You can create your website with a low-cost web hosting package. Whether you’re a small business owner or just starting out, our affordable rates will help make it easy on your budget!

Super Fast Hardware

Seamlessly merging our premium NVME SSD and 'Turbo' Servers, we optimise and streamline our platform to enhance the speed of your website.

UK & Global Connectivity

Situated close to London, we benefit from major connections to the rest of the UK, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world, both directly through London, and indirectly via other major connections.

24/7 Website Monitoring

Our servers are monitored day and night so that if a problem develops it can be resolved quickly. We are notified within a minute of a site failure.

Security, Protection & Firewalls

Our servers are kept up to date and have many layers of security to help in protecting against emerging threats. These include: Hardened PHP Firewalls that block persistent login attempts FTP access protection Regular scans of the hosting space for unusual files and known vulnerabilities SSL certificates.

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Shared website hosting is an affordable way to get your business online. You can have as many websites on one shared server that won’t slow it down, and you’ll save money in the long run by not having separate servers for every site!


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We’re all about providing the best service and value for web hosting. We offer competitive and affordable packages that will fit any project size from small businesses to large corporations!

WordPress web hosting is a service that companies provide so you can host your website online. It is a affordable alternative than creating your own web hosting server to publish your website online at a fraction of the cost.

Shared web hosting are websites that are hosted on the same server, each website is provided with a percentage of the available hardware, storage and network resources, shared with other businesses and websites within the same enviroment.

You can use your existing domain name by changing your nameservers to the ones provided in the email. We also have an option to transfer your domain name to us and manage it on our portal.

Every plan we offer allows you to host a vary of websites, dependant on space, resources and traffic. These can be websites from a subdomain or a completely different domain name as we charge by storage space used. However if you have a unique situation please speak with us and we can support you through the entire process.

There are plenty of guides or tutorials online to design and develop a WordPress website, from free themes, plugins and support WordPress is great for starting a website with minimal web knowledge. If you require support with development, design and technically challenges, speak with us and we can support you with finding suppliers.