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You can create your website with a low-cost web hosting package. Whether you’re a small business owner or just starting out, our affordable rates will help make it easy on your budget!

Free WHMCS Licence

Automate and manage your reseller business with WHMCS (usually £10.95 p/m)

White-Label Services

Change the default logos and company name to hide the fact that you're using our hosting.

Web Host Manager (WHM)

All of our reseller hosting plans include Web Host Manager. Create and manage customers with ease!

Individual Hosting Accounts

Individual hosting accounts may be created and managed for your clients. Each account has its own login information.

Anti-Spam Protection

For all mailboxes, anti-spam protection is preloaded with spam assassin. Stop SPAM and viruses from entering your inbox.

Malware Scanning

Allowing your clients to utilise a malware scanner on their cPanel when necessary demonstrates that you care about their security.

High Performance Reseller Website Hosting

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All Reseller Website Hosting comes with a WHM, cPanel & SSL Encryption



Reseller Hosting

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Reseller Hosting


Per month


Reseller Hosting


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Tailored Hosting Built For Your Business

We offer complete website hosting packages that don't restrict the quantity of bandwitdh, email accounts or information databases utilised. The package cost is exclusively created on the measure of facilitating space you require - so whether or not you need a little or huge measure of your space.

Flexible & Exceptional Email Storage Systems

Our email hosting packages are all completely empowered. For clients requiring a small online email account storage to large multi-user services with Microsoft. We partner with Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 specialists to provide fantastic cloud email hosting options.

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Frequently asked questions

Reseller Hosting is a service that enables customers to host their own clients or create their own hosting company. This is ideal if you are a website creator who wants to offer your own hosting service. You may set your own rates and make even more revenue from your customers.

Because your clients will be hosted on our servers, you won’t have to worry about managing or maintaining the hardware! Your Reseller account will have a fixed amount of disc space and bandwidth that you may assign to your clients and adjust based on the various plans you build.


Shared hosting and reseller hosting are intended for a variety of users. Shared hosting is intended for those who want to host a single website on a single cPanel account. It is feasible to host many websites on the same cPanel, however this implies that all of the websites on that cPanel share the same resources.

Reseller hosting is intended for individuals who wish to set up many websites under separate cPanel accounts. Yes, you could buy many shared hosting plans, but this isn’t the most cost-effective option, and you’ll lose money with each renewal. A reseller hosting plan allows you to manage all of your websites in one location and assign plans to each account, making it ideal for website creators who desire to sell hosting.

If one of your clients requires access to their cPanel, you may create a connection to only that cPanel account, keeping your other websites safe. WHM, free SSL certificates, and 1-click instals are included with all reseller hosting plans.


Most of our hosting services plans provide a free domain name and registration for one year, after which it will be renewed. To start your online presence, you can select a .com domain name.


You can continue to use your current domain name by changing your nameservers to the ones mentioned in the email. We also provide the option of transferring your domain name to us and managing it through our site.


You can use whichever programme you like. We provide a 1-Click Installer for content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We also support additional software for creating forums, online stores, wikis, and other websites.

This implies that when you create a new cPanel account in WHM for your customer, you may instal the necessary software with a single click, saving you a significant amount of time.


Yes, you can! For example, suppose you purchase a bronze reseller hosting package from us for £27 per month and have 20 clients. With 20 clients, you would generate a profit of £13 if you charged a minimum of £2 every month. Most website developers charge an average of £10 per month, which equates to a monthly profit of £173!


We’ve got a team of migration experts ready and waiting. Let us deal with the entire process, ensuring we test and set up everything that is required all of which is done with no downtime.


Migrating from another web host?

Do you already have existing hosting but you would like to move your website to us, speak to us today and we shall take care of the rest.